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Upcoming Live Comedy at Somewhere In Augusta.
All shows subject to change without notice. All shows 21 & over with ID

Donna Carter and Monty Mitchell Comedy
Wednesday, April 29

Donna Carter and Monty Mitchell Comedy

Augusta's only live comedy club featuring the Comedy Zone stars

8 p.m. -- please be seated by 7:30 p.m.

$8 admission at the door

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Adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. New acts every week.

Donna Carter

After rigorous comedy classes and seemingly endless nights and weeks and months of unpaid open mic performances, Donna landed her first paid gig in August, 1998, and from that point on,  it’s been on!

In March of 2002, Donna made the leap of faith (or insanity, depending on your point of view), and went full-time as a comic. Since then she has been entertaining virtually every week at clubs all over the country, and in September 2002, was given an opportunity to have her standup filmed for a documentary to be released within a few months.

Most folk would be afraid to start something as bold as comedy at the age of 40, let alone begin a new career at 44.  Most (especially Donna’s mother) think she’s crazy.  

Ms. Carters career is on the rise!  Her new Live CD entitled, “Fat Girls Don’t Wrinkle” is on sale now at her live performances and in the Yardsale tab on her website.  Listen for selected CD tracks on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

In 2012, Donna’s taped her first comedy feature for Comcast starring in XFINITY’s On Demand Stand-Up Comedy Series, Who’s Laughing Now!  The show benefited the USO of Indiana and was taped in Indianapolis at the Indiana War Memorial.  Look for the Who’s Laughing Now All-Star tour kicking off in June of 2013 at the Royal Theater in Danville, Indiana.

Monty Mitchell

When Monty takes those long lanky steps toward the stage, you soon discover that story-teller is very different. He takes your audience through a varied routine pushing them toward disbelief, shock, and appreciation for his comedic talents ... all the while they are laughing hysterically at his stories.

Monty can take stories ranging from a funeral visit, to a fast food drive-through experience, to a police officer's traffic stop and make them stories you will never ever forget. By the time you get to the end of his show, you've heard (maybe more than you planned to) about his marriage, his son, his cat, and his latest trip to the low-rent strip bar.

Monty has been held hostage in the corporate world for years, and the comedy stage has been calling for him to perform. So perform he has across the nation, in bars, colleges, and on-stage. Monty's unabashed enthusiasm and comedic style turns any event (and open-minded crowd) into a great night of comedy.



Grandma Lee and Jeff Zenisek Comedy
Wednesday, May 6

Grandma Lee and Jeff Zenisek Comedy

Augusta's only weekly comedy club,

8 p.m. -- please be seated by 7:30 p.m.

$10. Accepting reservations.

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This is adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. A new act every week!

Grandma Lee

Known as “America’s funniest and outrageous grandmother,” Grandma Lee shot to stardom on the NBC talent show America’s Got Talent where she made it through to the grand finale.

She was a contestant in the 2004 season of Last Comic Standing on NBC, where she later returned for three seasons as a special guest and was chosen as a Top 10 Favorite Comic of the program.

Grandma Lee won the 2003 Las Vegas Comedy Festival at MGM Grand and appeared in America’s Got Talent Live at Planet Hollywood, hosted by Jerry Springer.

Grandma Lee will electrify the stage from the moment she bursts from the starting gate until she crosses the finish line in a blaze of glory. This sassy senior has mastered the art of entertaining audiences of all ages with unorthodox views of family, television and life in general. She may shock you with colorful use of the English language although few find it offensive.

Jeff Zenisek

Jeff Zenisek is a 28 year old giant man-boy. Jeff currently lives at home with his parents and plays with Nerf guns in the house when they go out of town. He also has really good hair. Winner of Comedy Zone Tallahassee Open Mic Contest, Winner of Inaugural Laff 4 Less Friday Comedy Contest. Jeff started doing comedy in November of 2009 at The Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, Florida.