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Travis Howze and Clint Nohr Comedy
Wednesday, December 2

Travis Howze and Clint Nohr Comedy

Augusta's only live comedy club featuring the Comedy Zone stars. This is adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter.

8 p.m. -- please be seated by 7:30 p.m.


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Adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. New acts every week. Celebrating our 5th year as Augusta's only weekly comedy club

Travis Howze

Travis Howze is an internationally touring comedian and motivational speaker who spent 14 years in the military and emergency services as a U.S. Marine, Police Officer and Firefighter. Whether performing at corporate events and fundraisers to top comedy clubs, colleges and multiple tours overseas for our troops, Travis has become a comedic demand in multiple arena’s and always leaves his audiences craving more!

Known as the military and emergency services voice of comedy, the topics of Travis’ humor are limitless: from being raised in South Carolina to married life and fatherhood to his time in uniform and much more. Whether dodging bullets, chasing bad guys, or running into burning buildings, Travis is always FUNNY UNDER FIRE!

Travis’ unique brand of comedy has landed him appearances on AXS-TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, National Geographic’s Brain Games, and NBC’s Late Shift with Kevin Ferguson. He has also been voted Stand Up Comedy’s Mouth of the South, and Charleston, South Carolina’s Funniest Person. In March of 2015 his Comedy Album “Reporting for Duty” debuted in the top 10 of iTunes top 100 comedy albums, and can be heard regularly on Sirius XM, Pandora and iHeart Radio.

Travis loved his 8 ½ year career as a firefighter in Charleston, South Carolina. But a real-life tragedy brought it to an abrupt end. In June 2007, he was heavily involved in a warehouse fire that claimed the lives of 9 of his brother firefighters – all whom were his friends. Assigned to the team that went inside the warehouse to recover his fallen brothers, his life would never be the same. Overcome with Survivor’s Guilt, Major Depression and Post Traumatic Stress, his symptoms became so severe that it cost him his career in the fire service.

Using the age old adage, laughter is the best medicine, Travis was able to regain his footing and find his new calling in life as a comedian and motivational speaker. He now tours the world 30 weeks per year sharing his story and more through the joy of laughter.


This is truly a great comedian who has a unique ability to make you think differently, question cultural and personal beliefs- all while being incredibly funny. Seriously spit-take funny. Tom’s goal as a comedian is not just to be funny and make you laugh, but to genuinely be one of the best- to be mentioned in the same sentence with greats like Chappelle, Rock, Carlin, Seinfeld.

Come see this show and see what constant work and dedication means. Tom’s comedy takes chances that most comedians won’t take all while embracing the audience and genuinely caring that they laugh and enjoy themselves. The show will entertain with subjects from being a new father and relationships, to socially relevant issues like violence, war, racism, and frustrations we all have with the world and one another. It is easily relatable and seriously funny... Like a Blue Collar Tour for people that read.

He has appeared on Comedy Central, Showtime, BET, NBC, and has written for numerous comedians. Tracks from all four of his comedy CD’s can be heard daily on both XM and Sirius radio. He has appeared on Bob and Tom, at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, The Boston Comedy Festival, as well as performing with Comics on Duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Clint Nohr

Using his young appearance to his advantage, Clint immediately establishes a rapport with the audience. He’s charming and adorable and the funny thing is, he ACTUALLY believes this. Truth is, he combines sharp writing with a likable approach to any topic (nothing off limits). It’s a mixed bag of observational humor coming from a warped and twisted, yet somehow always relatable point of view. His conversational delivery comes across almost over-confident and self deprecating all at once, giving him the ability to connect with ANY crowd.

Audiences and critics agree that Clint “has it”. He took 3rd place in the Carnival Cruise Comedy Challenge and passed to the call-back round of NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2 in Tampa, all in his first year of comedy.  Since 2003, Clint has played in clubs nationwide along with numerous festival appearances. He’s been a guest on “Bob and Tom” and seen on SPEED Channel. He has participated in the Boston Comedy Festival and Laugh Your Asheville Off. Plus, he was a finalist in the Charleston Comedy Competition and semi-finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin. Clint was most recently seen of Fox’s LaughsTV and appeared at the Oddball Comedy Festival starring Louis C.K and Aziz Anzari.

He’s opened for Frank Caliendo, Todd Barry, Ralphie May, Doug Stanhope, Charlie Murphy, Tig Notaro, Tommy Davidson, Kyle Kinane, Aziz Ansari and many others…