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Travis Howze and Kevin McPeek Comedy
Wednesday, May 27

Travis Howze and Kevin McPeek Comedy

Augusta's only live comedy club featuring the Comedy Zone stars

8 p.m. -- please be seated by 7:30 p.m.

$8 at the door

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This is adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. A new act every week!

Travis Howze

James SibleyHaving appeared on NBC's Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson, Travis has also been Voted, Stand Up Comedy's Mouth of the South and Charleston's Funniest Person. He has also been referred to as The Military and Emergency Services Voice of Comedy.

Never taking things seriously, or feeling guilty for wasting tax payers’ dollars, this one man public service TRAVESTY EXPLODES with impeccable rhythmic timing that leaves his audiences gasping for air and craving more!

In addition to making fun of the general public he includes his own humility from being a Firefighter, Police Officer, being in the Military, Family, Married Life and more. In Travis's mind, his days of protecting are neither over, leaving no one safe nor anything off limits! His motto is simple "If you are able to laugh at someone else's pain and misfortunes, then you had better be able to laugh at your own!"

IGNITING top level comedy stages for years, he’s a comedian with an extremely unique and marketable edge that has never been seen before, thus allowing him to connect and develop a very loyal brotherhood style fan base of military, emergency services personnel and their supporters from all over.

In June of 2007 while working a furniture warehouse fire in Charleston, nine of his brother firefighters tragically perished in the line of duty while rescuing a trapped civilian. Due to injuries that he sustained in that same fire, Travis was forced to leave the job that he truly loved. Although he no longer wears the uniform, he still considers himself a public servant by helping those who help us, to include performing for the Troops, Wounded Warriors/Combat Veterans Foundation and benefits/fund raisers for our Public Service Heroes.

Kevin McPeek

Matthew David StanleyKevin stepped on stage in 1992 in Toledo Ohio. He spent the next year working on his act. It was then he made a move to a larger market namely, Detroit. And within a few years Kevin became a fixture on the Detroit metro comedy scene. A two year college tour took him to over 300 universities and sharpened his skills. "It made me a better comic, no question" -Kevin

Kevin was raised in a small town in Michigan called Monroe. His mother was school teacher and his father worked in a factory. Two older brothers and a dog named Pepper. To say Kevin's upbringing was ordinary would be an understatement. Shy and introverted Kevin always admired comedians he saw on TV like Flip Wilson, Jerry  Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Jeff Altman... Etc

Kevin is working clubs and corporate events all over the country. His  clever stories and facial expressions makes Kevin a highly requested comic  on the circuit today. He has written for television, movies as well as many other comics. He is professional, funny and fun to watch. By special request, Kevin has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, Drew Carey, Norm MacDonald, Jay Leno, Amazing Johnathan, Kathleen Madigan and many more. Don't miss a chance to see Kevin live, you won't be sorry.