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Comedy Zone: Live Comedy
Wednesday, August 6

Comedy Zone: Live Comedy

Jody Kerns and Mark Evans at Augusta's only live comedy club featuring the Comedy Zone stars

8 p.m. -- please be seated by 7:30 p.m.

$8 at the door

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This is adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. A new act every week!

Jody Kerns

Jody KernsJody Kerns is a southern belle that kicks like a mule!  Coming to the stage looking like a soccer mom and then blowing you away with her take on kids, drugs, sex, marriage…you name it, she talks about it.  She ain’t shy about nothing!  And she has no fear, because she has raised five kids! 

She’s seen it all and done it all when it comes to living life, and she’ll be more than happy to tell you about it and then give you a lap dance!  When she breaks out her guitar, everyone becomes a part of the show and they keep begging for more. 

When she’s done, your cheeks and sides will hurt.  This little lady has got it going on! 






Mark Evans

Mark EvansAn Atlanta native, Mark has spent his entire life in the South. However, he
is NOT what you might expect to see when you hear the words “Southern
Comic”. Not only is his comedy hilarious, but it is smart, to the point and
cutting edged clean. Two things you will take from his show is that you
don’t have to be dirty to be funny and having a Southern accent does not
make you stupid! In fact, his “Southern, Not Stupid!” tour has been taking
audiences by storm from coast to coast, on land and at sea. AT the same
time he erases the myth that everyone from the South is some kind of
redneck, inbred pig farmer!

Mark will allow you to see the lighter side of the dumb things you see every
day. You can’t pinpoint stupidity to any one region or group, it’s universal.
As he puts it, “You are going to see stupid people everywhere you go so why
not laugh at them?” His examples of wide spread stupidity has not only left
audiences doubled over with laughter but hopefully a little wider too. After
all, Mark’s goal is to educate as well as entertain!

The one constant in Mark’s life has been his ability to always make people
laugh. That night in 1993 when stepped onto a comedy stage for the first
time, he knew he had found his calling and he has never looked back!
Since then his career has taken him to every imaginable venue including
(but not limited to) comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, corporate events,
country clubs, international resorts and cruise ships.

Finally, it is important to note that Mark is not now, now will he ever be ”
Politically Correct”. At the same time he does not take cheap shots at
anyone to get a laugh. While some material might be considered adult, he
works clean and keeps his act to a PG-17 level. Above all he is proudest of
the reputation he has earned over the years for being a complete
professional bit on and off the stage. When you come to see Mark Evans,
you get what you paid for....and much more!

Comedy Zone Live Comedy
Wednesday, August 13

Comedy Zone Live Comedy

Shaun Jones and Myke Herlihy at Augusta's only live comedy club featuring the Comedy Zone stars

8 p.m.

$8 at the door

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Must be seated by 7:30 p.m. This is adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. A new act every week!

Shaun Jones

For more than 16 years, the comedy world's senses has been tantalized by both audio and visual artistry. The young known as Shaun Jones is making his mark everywhere he goes with his quick wit and fashionable flair.

Born in Newark, New Jersey and having lived in Los Angeles for a short time, Shaun now calls Atlanta, GA home. He has traveled abroad entertaining crowds using many of his personal life experiences to get a laugh. Like an accomplished chef, Shaun's comedy performances combine a cup of truth, a spoonful of originality, and a double twist of humor. When he takes the stage, he mixes his talents before the audience, bakes his show just right and serves up a unique dish to satisfy everyone's laughter appetite.

Shaun has appeared on several television appearances like B.E.T'S Comic View, Black Starz "1st Amendment Standup", and Robert Townsend's "Partners In Crime-the next generation". He also was in the 2003 motion picture called "Shade" as the crooked poker player, Mr.Ose, Starring Jamie Foxx and Sylvester Stallone.

Myke Herlihy

Originally from Manchester, CT. Myke Herlihy is one of the most lovable jerks you’ll ever meet! After spending 13 years behind bars, serving drinks not time, Myke now takes his bartender's wit to the stage.

Whether he's discussing his failed relationships, ranting about the trials and tribulations of being an unplanned father, or reminiscing over the insanity that was his childhood, Myke always manages to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

His ability to find the funny in any situation has made him a favorite in venues throughout the country. In 2012 and 2013 he was a semi-finalist in the annual "Florida's Funniest Comedian" competition and In 2013 he was invited to perform at "The World Series of Comedy" in Las Vegas, NV., "The Boston Comedy Festival" in Sommerville, MA., and "The Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival" in Asheville, NC. He has shared the stage with the likes of Ralphie May, Louie Anderson, Tom Rhodes, Michael Winslow, Pete Lee and Dustin Diamond.

Comedy Zone Live Comedy
Wednesday, August 20

Comedy Zone Live Comedy

JJay Boyd and Jourdain Fisher at the Comedy Zone, Augusta's only live comedy club

8 p.m. - please be seated by 7:30 p.m.


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This is adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. A new act every week!

JJay Boyd

JJay is an extremely driven individual who loves what he does in his life. After years of working in the ‘family business’ of financial planning, JJay decided to go after his dream and become a stand up comic. A decision brought on from a death defying black ice car wreck that JJay miraculously walked away from that should have taken my life… not only did it fail to end his life, it in many ways was the actual beginning.

JJay has performed in all lower 48 states, on cruise ships, in Canada and the Bahamas and loves every minute of it. Due to his experience, JJay is an extremely driven individual who loves what he does in his life.  It makes life so much more enjoyable. tell any and everyone who asks about life to follow the age old if not quasi cliched addage: do what you love… and love what you do.

  • 1st place in the Carnival Cruise Line Competition out of 90 comics.
  • Hand picked opener and writer for Cable Ace Award Winning stand-up comedian Bob Nelson.
  • On-Air sidekick on the nationally syndicated “Joey Reynolds” radio show.
  • Head writer for Basile, nationally touring comedian doing shows in both English and Greek… currently in production on TV sitcom pilot.
  • Member of “The Comedy Express” improv troupe from Long Island, New York whose past members have included Bob Nelson, Rosie O’Donnell, Dave Hawthorne, Richie Minervini and many other native Long Island improv comics.
  • Writer/director/producer/star of “I Love Taxi TV” a project bringing tourist friendly video highlights of New York City on TV screens mounted in the back of Manhattan cabs.
  • Producing/writing/starring in “Sportshtick” TV sports/humor pilot.

Jourdain Fisher

Jourdain Denzel Fisher is an up and coming young comedian out of Greensboro. He hosts regularly at Greensboro’s Comedy Zone.

Comedy Zone Live Comedy
Wednesday, August 27

Comedy Zone Live Comedy

Travis Howze and Ron Placone at Augusta's only live comedy show, featuring stars from the Comedy Zone

Must be seated by 7:30 p.m. Show starts at 8 p.m

$8 admission at the door

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This is adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. A new act every week!

Travis Howze

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, former Police Officer and Firefighter turned National Headlining Comedian, Travis Howze protected America's citizens for over 14 years, and now he's making fun of them! Whether dodging bullets, chasing bad guys or running into burning buildings he is always

Having appeared on NBC's Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson, Travis has also been Voted, Stand Up Comedy's Mouth of the South and Charleston, South Carolinas Funniest Person. He has also been referred to as The Military and Emergency Services Voice of Comedy.

Never taking things seriously, or feeling guilty for wasting tax payers’ dollars, this one man public service TRAVESTY EXPLODES with impeccable rhythmic timing that leaves his audiences gasping for air and craving more!

In addition to making fun of the general public he includes his own humility from being a Firefighter, Police Officer, being in the Military, Family, Married Life and more. In Travis's mind, his days of protecting are neither over, leaving no one safe nor anything off limits! His motto is simple "If you are able to laugh at someone else's pain and misfortunes, then you had better be able to laugh at your own!"

IGNITING top level comedy stages for years, he’s a comedian with an extremely unique and marketable edge that has never been seen before, thus allowing him to connect and develop a very loyal brotherhood style fan base of military, emergency services personnel and their supporters from all over.

In June of 2007 while working a furniture warehouse fire in Charleston, South Carolina, 9 of his brother firefighters tragically perished in the line of duty while rescuing a trapped civilian. Due to injuries that he sustained in that same fire, Travis was forced to leave the job that he truly loved. Although he no longer wears the uniform, he still considers himself a public servant by helping those who help us, to include performing for the Troops, Wounded Warriors/Combat Veterans Foundation and benefits/fund raisers for our Public Service Heroes.

Ron Placone

Ron Placone is a Comedian, College Speaker, and Radio/Internet Personality.  He tours the country regularly and has done everything from comedy clubs to bars to colleges to theaters to competitions to outdoor folk festivals, and he loves to travel.

 In addition to touring the country with stand-up Ron is the creator of the one-man show Madness in the Message, a multi-media performance lecture on the mass media. Madness… premiered in June 2012 to a sold-out audience at the Steel City Improv Theater in Pittsburgh and is currently available for college campuses and advocacy groups.

Ron co-hosts the Indie Bohemians Morning Show in Nashville, TN and hosts the mini-podcast, “Thoughts, Rants, and Cold Coffee,” which is nationally syndicated via the David Pakman Show and the Comedy Pipe in Albany, NY. Ron is also an active member of the Young Turks Network. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel HERE.