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Comedy Zone:  Josh Phillips & Don Grey
Wednesday, February 4

Comedy Zone: Josh Phillips & Don Grey

Augusta's only live comedy club featuring the Comedy Zone stars

8 p.m. - please be seated by 7:30 p.m.


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This is adult comedy at times. Must be 18 to enter. The Comedy Zone has grown from its humble beginnings to become the largest comedy club network in America. A new act every week!

Josh Phillips

Josh has used his vocally descriptive style to paint detailed, and painfully funny pictures in the minds of audiences throughout the Country.

His ability to capture the trust of the audience and lead them to the depths of depraved humor without offending is amazing, unexplainable, and unique among comics.

As a former storyteller, Josh has the uncanny ability to weave comedy, storytelling and audience involvement into memorable performances.

Josh has been performing at AA meetings, fertility clinics and comedy clubs. He’s southern, loveable and a master of metaphors.

Radio: Co-host of The Breakfast Team WVLZ - ESPN radio’s morning show in Knoxville, TN

Regular guest on Free Advice Friday – Cherries Lifestyle Radio – Horne Radio Network

Has shared the stage with: Blake Clark, Todd Yohn, Tim Wilson, and Kristin Key from Last Comic Standing!

"If I ever hear you’ve quit comedy, I will hunt you down and kill you." … Blake Clark

Donnell Keith Grey

Don’s style has been called “hilariously brave”. His energetic delivery, physical act-outs and dead on accents leave the audience wanting more.

Don draws from his life and his far out imagination to keep the crowd rolling in laughter. He interacts with the crowd in a very positive and intimate way. A great natural performer, Don engages the crowd with pop culture references and witty banter so there is never a dull moment.

Donnell Keith Grey is one of the bright young stars of comedy today. Winning the 2009 "SILVER NAILS AWARD" In addition to performing in comedy clubs and colleges all over the country, Donnell has also been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and Good Morning America. Donnell was also the opening act for "The Black Eyed Peas". His TV appearances include Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Spy TV and was a contestant on the hit reality show He’s A Lady.

Don Grey as seen on "Good Morning America" with Matt Fernandez